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Talking AI Ethics with a Philosopher

Enrico Panai

In our conversation with Enrico Panai, we discuss his work with ForHumanity and highlight the importance of ethics and philosophy in every stage of AI development.

Enrico is the founder of Be Ethical and a Fellow at ForHumanity. You can follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

The world of AI and machine learning might feel somewhat untouchable to those trained in law, philosophy and other human subjects. However, Enrico argued that all of these concepts are vital in the AI development process.

In our interview, Enrico argued for the importance of psychology in developing AI and other types of technology. Thinking about human-computer interactions in technological design is essential. Still, Enrico further highlighted the necessity of thinking about how humans interact with the information they receive when dealing with different machines and algorithms.

Philosophy is also crucial in this process. Every single person has their own philosophy, ethics and values. Philosophers allow for critical thinking and asking better questions about risks and morals around technology and support answering them. At ForHumanity, Enrico plays a vital role in creating a Code of Data Ethics, which allows engineers to think ethically. However, Enrico argues that as well as training, time is also needed to think about these issues and imagine what risks might arise when implementing different types of technology.

Even though the law is important to set rules and regulations, Enrico argues that philosophy and ethics are part of our everyday life – our own philosophy and values might stop us from doing something before even thinking about the law.

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