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Matching Algorithms

Miles Everson

In our interview with Miles, we discuss how matching algorithms and other types of AI can amplify human bias.

Miles is the CEO at MBO Partners and Former Global Advisory and Consulting Leader. You can follow him on LinkedIn.

All technology amplifies human attributes, whether they are good or bad. For example, social media gives space for anyone to say whatever they’d like to, without a filter. Communication in the digital world, therefore, is much more toxic than in real life. Technology also amplifies good attributes, for example, how technology is used in healthcare.

In our interview, Miles and Demetrios dive into risks associated with matching algorithms. These types of algorithms are popular among dating and job apps. In HR software specifically, a matching algorithm is used to pair a human CV and job description. Behind this system is a human, agreeing and disagreeing with the algorithms results. All humans have some bias, whether they are aware of it or not. There is already a lot of biases in human HR, which this matching algorithm learns from depending on which applications are disposed.

Whilst companies can be transparent with their customers in how they’re using AI technologies, they can’t really disclose biases — Miles argued that no one can be aware of all biases until it happens.

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