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Season Eight Recap and Review

Ryan Carrier

Season Eight Finale! Ryan Carrier, Executive Director at ForHumanity, joins us to discuss his season highlights. What have been your favourite bits? Let us know in our Slack community!

Since Ryan’s last appearance on Are You A Robot? he has been super busy at ForHumanity. At the beginning of September, ForHumanity held their first International Conference on building an Infrastructure of trust for all autonomous systems that directly impact humans. Ryan and the team also published The Rise of the Ethics Committee, which he broke down in his recap interview.

Ryan argued that the changes that ForHumanity are campaigning for are simple to talk about and easy to change, but companies are against them. He explained that when there are ethical issues in tech systems, these are quickly passed over to engineers to solve. However, engineers cannot solve problems like these. It might seem that other departments in an organisation might be fit for this task, such as legal and compliance, but this isn’t sufficient either.

Instead, organisations need an empowered, integrated and listened-to ethics committee trained in instances of ethical choice and can’t be influenced by profit.

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