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Future of AI

Michael Kollo

__In this episode, Michael Kollo joins us to discuss how technology could change the way we live. __

Michael seems quite optimistic about the potential uses of AI. We’ve already seen some fantastic use cases which have changed our lives. He gave an interesting example about how AI has changed how linguists work – we now have many machine learning tools that allow us to translate languages faster and quicker than humans.

“We can now translate European languages better than humans can.”

We’ve had a period of significant developments. But, Michael explained that we are now getting to a point; however, we need to understand the unintended consequences of AI technologies.

AI technology has the potential to take humans out of different situations. For example, in the military. However, we still need to consider who’s responsible for the machines and pulls the trigger on autonomous drones.

Michael explains that when having these conversations about AI technology, there are usually four types of people involved:

  1. Tech specialists
  2. Philosophers questioning the definition of ethics
  3. Lawyers thinking about who’s responsible for these actions
  4. Someone from the government who cares but isn’t trained

Michael argues that we need someone who can bridge all of these fields within these discussions, too — but who is qualified to do so? Join our Slack community and let us know!

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