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Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Digital Responsibility

Rob Price

In this episode, Rob Price joins us to discuss the importance of Corporate Digital Responsibility.

For the last 20 years, Rob has been helping organisations add value to their businesses using tech, for example, assisting organisations to use the cloud. He observed a digital divide that was growing due to the pace of technology, which was too fast for everyone to keep up with.

From a global survey researching how people felt about growing technologies, Rob and the team coined “Corporate Digital Responsibility”, thinking about the benefits of society and the planet.

“Success is judge by the value you have on society.”

Rob makes a great point that the success of what organisations are doing to impact positively is not based on whether it is called “Corporate Digital Responsibility”. The success is judged on what organisations are doing in terms of environmental factors, ethics, inclusion, accessibility, trust and privacy.

Can we build a standardised process for measuring Corporate Digital Responsibility? Check out the whole interview to find out what Rob thinks!

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