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Clubhouse Critique

Dorothea Baur

In this episode of “Are You A Robot?”, Dorothea Baur joins us to discuss her views on Clubhouse, a new audio-based social media network.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse, a new audio-based social media, seemed to be taking over the scenes everywhere. People were advertising this new app on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, where discussions about different topics were taking place – dating, CV writing skills and even AI ethics. Ironically, although discussions around ethics have been taking place on the app, how ethical is Clubhouse itself?

Clubhouse’s Exclusivity

The process of joining Clubhouse has heightened the mystery of the app. You can’t just download the app from an App store; you need to be invited to join by an existing member. If you’ve got an Android device, you cannot participate as it is exclusive to Apple users.

Dorothea explained that the app forcing users to share details of their contacts has strong ethical issues like the privacy of the content in your address book had been exposed without your contacts knowing. Dorothea believes that Clubhouse is explicitly breaking GDPR rules.

Content Moderation on Clubhouse

Dorothea shares examples about racist content on Clubhouse – anyone can talk about whatever topic. Although there isn’t a standardised way of dealing with this content, there is no control whatsoever on Clubhouse.

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