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Disruption, Transformative Change & Misinformation

Roger Spitz

What is Disruption?

Disruption is a radical ‘break’ or change from what was normal. This change can be on an individual level, societal, or specifically to an organisation or company. Roger explains that it’s only ‘radical’ because people assume that the world is linear and predictable. However, Roger believes that these radical changes aren’t specifically good or bad — the impact depends on the person’s perspective and how they can interpret the change.

What causes disruption?

Information and misinformation are the main causes for radical change. Roger believes that information is the fabric for society, but it is only now that society understands its importance. Thanks to technology, we have more information, and more people have more access to it. Therefore, purposely misled information can be used to weaponize and polarise societies, for example, storming of Capitol Hill and scepticism surrounding coronavirus vaccines.

“I personally think that even ridiculous conspiracy theories don’t actually realize the extent to which they themselves are also possibly manipulated with a sort of broader objective.”

What Roger is working on

Roger is chairman of the Disruptive Future Institute. Roger advocates for embracing this change and is teaching Buddhism and Zen philosophy to do so. The Disruptive Futures institute works together with Techistential, a research and education platform on Innovation & Disruption, to examine how Exponential Technologies redefine the future and the Existential questions these raise.

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