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Season Five Recap and Review

Charles Radclyffe

Season finale! Charles Radclyffe, partner at EthicsGrade, joins us to discuss season five highlights.

As well as discussing his favourite moments from the past season, Charles and Demetrios dive into essential factors when thinking about the non-financial impact an organisation has on society. In recent news, we’ve been observing problematic supply chain issues of fast fashion companies. How employees are treated in the workplace is a massive component of the ‘S’ in ‘ESG’ (environmental, social and governmental) ratings.

The environmental impact an organisation has is also essential. One of Charles's concerns with digital vaccine passports is that they cannot be supported on all devices. Even though he has a working iPhone 4, Charles cannot use track and trace systems because the model's software does not support it. Replacing a functional technological device to upgrade its software is unsustainable and will have a massive impact on the environment.

It could be argued that judging a company on these factors might be perfectionist. But, companies should attempt to lead with morals, rather than business advantages and profits.

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