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Improving Healthcare Through AI

Jessica Morely

Have you been thinking about AI in healthcare? What about how our personal health data is used? Jessica Morley joins us to discuss the technology gap in healthcare.

Jessica is the Policy Lead at DataLab. She is also a graduate researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute, studying for her PhD titled 'designing an algorithmically enhanced NHS' and an active member of the Digital Ethics Lab.

Surprisingly, AI in healthcare is not a new topic. Jessica explains since the beginning of AI; there has always been talk about its usage in healthcare. It started to become implemented in the 1970s but took off in the 1980s.

An issue that frequently comes up when discussing healthcare and tech is, what happens to our data? Some might be happy for healthcare services such as the NHS to use our data and medical history for the greater good. But would we want insurance companies to have all of our health data?

Stepping away from data, it is vital that the healthcare tech is unbiased and inclusive. Jessica explained that there is an inconsistency of data; most of the available health care data is on Caucasian Europeans. This is going to cause a high number of issues.

In this episode, Jessica shared her ideas on how we can use AI in the most ethical way to improve healthcare. What are your thoughts? Join our Slack community and let us know!

What are your thoughts? Join our Slack channel and join the conversation!