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How AI can help climate change

Sasha Luccioni

In this episode of Are You A Robot?, Sasha Luccioni joins us to discuss how AI can help climate change. Sasha shares some of the amazing projects she is working on, including a programme that allows users to view images of environmental disasters projected onto their neighbourhoods.

Sasha is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Université de Montréal & Member of Working Group on AI Ethics at the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.

Sasha delves into some fantastic ways that AI can help humans track the environment. For example, she explains that we can use remote sensing to analyse the earth's satellite imagery. Traditionally, it had been manually analysed, which isn’t a scalable approach. Remote sensing creates 3D radar mapping, which is excellent for detecting methane leaks.

“We don’t want AI to become this elitist field where you need half a million dollars in cloud computing credits to even be able to compete on a leader board”

Sasha also highlights the importance of thinking about societal issues and environmental when it comes to AI. She emphasises that we should focus on accessibility to these projects to hear new AI ideas. As AI becomes more commodified, we need to ensure that there are still subject experts on these teams to explain how machine learning works and understand the baggage behind cloud computing.

Although there are many great use cases for AI, Sasha is also worried about GTP3 and the racist data it has been trained on. She explains that before moving on to different, future models of GTP, the engineers should work deeper into these models, making them more transparent. If the current issues aren’t fixed before moving on to develop more advanced modes, it will be easier to cause even more severe problems.

What are your thoughts about AI and climate change? How much of an impact can developing new tech have on the environment? Join our Slack community and let us know!

What are your thoughts? Join our Slack channel and join the conversation!