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How to be Ethical by Design

Sherin Mathews

In this episode of Are You A Robot? Sherin Mathews joins us to talk about designing technology ethically and sustainably.

Sherin is the CEO and Founder of AI Tech North.

Sherin has always been interested in technology, especially how we can use tech to enhance lives. He moved to Data and then to AI from his background in IT.

After noticing a digital divide between north and southern England, Sherin set up AI Tech North, a platform for those interested in AI. Stemming from this comes Innovation Exchange – a digital platform to empower innovative ideas.

Sherin has also launched Public Intelligence, a practical guided process for an innovator. Sherin felt frustrated that the AI ethics conversation stopped after needing to be transparent with technology — we need more. Sherin set up a platform that is driven by society. To raise awareness, Sherin is creating a documentary and writing a whitepaper.

Sherin believes strongly that all of us need to play a role in the regulation of AI as we’re all affected. What else is needed in the movement to democratise AI? Join our Slack community and let us know!

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