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What the Future Holds: Through the Lens of Data Ethics

Steven Tiell

Steven Tiell joins us to discuss what organisations need to build ethical AI and future predictions about ethical AI technologies.

Steven can already sense growing awareness around AI, and its ethics. He encourages everyone, specifically the younger generation, to question and demanding change continually. Suppose we continue to demand change and always think about ethics when innovating. In that case, it will eventually become a norm ­— this, to Steven, is success and a vital step in building the foundation of AI ethics.

But how can we make this a reality?

Steven explains that we need to create spaces with AI ethics practitioners. Accenture and GeoTech centre frequently hold discussions focused on data ethics issues. Each Data Salon session focuses on a particular theme, for example, owning our data.

Steven also argues that we need to focus on implementing ethics in university curriculums. While some undergraduate data scientist students have some understanding of ethics, it needs to be more concrete to become a norm.

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