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A World Without Jobs

Calum Chace

Will machine learning replace humans? In this episode of Are You A Robot?, Calum Chace joins us to discuss his views on how AI and machine learning will change the workforce.

Although Calum is sure that AI and machine learning will advance far enough to replace humans in the workforce, he is optimistic about the whole idea. He firmly believes that this allows humans to do whatever they want to do – socialise, make art, learn ­— Calum hopes that the fourth industrial wave will bring a second renaissance.

“We don’t programme machines anymore. They learn.”

As long as there are jobs that machines can’t do, humans will still be working. Automation creates new jobs, but only until machines can do what humans used to do for money. Humans will always continue working, for example, looking after other humans. But, jobs how we know them today will change significantly.

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