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Season Four Recap and Review

Charles Radclyffe

Season Four Finale! Charles Radclyffe, partner at EthicsGrade, joins us to discuss Season Four's highlights.

Inspired by our conversation with Sasha Luccioni, Demetrios and Charles delved into AI's environmental factors. Charles, a king of analogies (he recently compared AI ethics to a watermelon!), used an Amazon delivery box to explain AI's impact. We've all unwrapped layers and layers of packaging to finally dig up the tiny product we ordered via online shopping – how much digging will we need to do to finally discover the benefits of these technologies?

The advantages of building these technologies are usually taken into account. But what we need to think about is the impact they're having on the environment. From production to its usage, these machines use up a lot of energy and eventually leave a massive impact on the environment.

“What’s happening today is very much that this question of the environmental impact of AI is seen as a future problem.”

Poorly written code could significantly impact the environment, especially if the machine is using more energy than it needs to.

Society has already realised that environmental and social facts are equally as important as a company's financial success. The impact of the world a company has is increasingly becoming a factor for consumers and investors.

EthicsGrade has already released ratings based on public information analysed through factors such as structure, public policy, technical barriers to trust, ethical risk and data privacy. The plan for Q2 is to look at even more factors, such as sustainability in product and production.

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