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A Trustworthy Approach to AI

Meeri Haataja

In this episode with Meeri Haataja, we discuss how we can systemize responsible AI. Meeri is the CEO & Co-Founder of Saidot. You can follow her on Twitter or LinkedIn

Saidot is a technology company developing a platform for systematic AI governance, transparency, and communication. In addition, Meeri was the chair of the ethics working group in Finland's national AI program that submitted its final report in March 2019. In this role, she initiated a national AI ethics challenge and engaged more than 70 organizations to commit to the ethical use of AI and define ethics principles.

When asked what responsible AI looks like when done well, Meeri emphasized the importance of a whole company environment. Accountable and trustworthy AI is created in environments where developers understand these systems' influence on their consumers. Set values and guiding principles need to be put in place to narrow down what type of technology developers of a particular company want to develop.

In this environment, multiple stakeholders are needed, for example: Technical teams Legal Privacy and cybersecurity Internal business teams

All of these groups need to support each other and understand what's happening in each area. Meeri argues that, for example, internal business teams need transparency into AI systems that support the organization; engineers also need to be upskilled in ethics to deal with these issues and think ethically themselves.

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