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An Ethical Mindset

Jeff Kluge

In our interview with Jeff Kluge, we will be discussing what exactly ethical means, and how companies can answer these concerns in regard to honesty and trust.

Jeff Kluge is the Founder & CEO of Holistic Ethics. You can follow him on LinkedIn.

Jeff Kluge is an ethics speaker and teacher of positive psychology and happiness. Through his personal experience, research, and lengthy studies, he discovered most of the existing ethics educational & training material have it wrong. They focus on behaviours that are symptoms of deeper problems rather than the root cause of the issues.

Having left the financial industry after crossing a line he would not have imagined, Jeff Kluge found himself seeing how easily good people can make a mistake and how that impacts those around them.

In our interview, Jeff dives into his story, and explains his finding from studying philosophers and authors. He noticed recurring themes about ethics and happiness. So he founded Holistic Ethics to take these lessons and use the skills he built earlier in his career to impact.

He explained that ethics training requires analysing the fundamental values of an organisation. It also requires asking “why” you want to start an organisation with a certain mission. For example, some originations might claim the reason why they’re starting a business is for financial gain. However, Jeff explained that this is still not enough as organisations need to think about their impact.

This is also required by people developing technology and AI – Real ethics start at the core and values of an organisation. Products developed by companies need to also think about how they can demonstrate these values through their creations.

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