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Understanding the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Peter Scott

In our interview with Peter Scott, we discuss how we can help people understand AI and the risks associated with this technology. We also think about the future of AI, what types of jobs we want machines to do and what we should leave for ourselves. Peter firmly believes in the importance of involving everyone in this conversation — but where do we begin?

Interview with Peter Scott, author, speaker, and consultant. You can follow him on LinkedIn.

In Peter's book, he argues the need for speaking about the unpleasant facts of AI. The conversation around the future of AI seems to be either very good or very bad — there is a vast opposite between the two. However, Peter argues that the future of AI depends on us. Like climate change, humans can make a difference, but only if we start conversations now.

But how do we have those conversations?

Thirty years ago, national conversations were possible as there were limited forms of media. However, with the advancement of social media, one conversation is not likely. Therefore, raising awareness in the popular culture is impossible. However, Peter suggests figures such as Greta Thunberg, individuals who want to take ownership of the future, can start these conversations.

AI's future and the fourth industrial revolution's path still seem pretty unclear. But, humans will continue wanting to discover and advance AI. Peter argues that it is human nature to want to progress and be the first to reach something, such as landing on the Moon and outer space missions. Peter also gave an example of a researcher who argued that learning more about AI allows them to know more about themselves.

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