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“Hello, World!” From the Data Philosopher

Charles Radclyffe

Have you been thinking about future technological developments in AI and machine learning? Have you ever considered the ethical issues that can arise from such advancements? In our opening episode of Are You A Robot?, Charles discusses why it is vital for us to consider these issues before it’s too late…

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Charles recently spoke to Demetrios about what to expect from our new podcast series. We have a wide range of guests lined up to discuss the evolution of AI and how it interacts with your day-to-day life. We are so heavily reliant on technology, even more so with the current climate of COVID-19. How do we ensure a high level of trust in our technology providers and their products? Are You A Robot? might provide these answers.

"We’re the pioneers of this new age. We have a huge responsibility to get this stuff right".

Charles’ main motivation behind Are You A Robot? is to raise awareness about technological advancements. Whilst many technological designs and choices are made with good intentions, there might be unintended consequences that lead to deep unethical issues. For example, have you noticed Facebook recognising you and your friends in their photo-tagging feature? In this episode, Charles and Demetrios explain that by tagging ourselves and friends in pictures, we have trained a facial recognition model to identify us. Do you think Facebook has crossed the ‘creepy-line’ with their advancement?

"Build a community on Slack so that our listeners and viewers can share their point of view and speak as equals".

Are You A Robot? is a community. You can share your views, opinions and questions. As a society, together we face the issue of losing regulation rules against AI and machine learning. We have many exciting debates lined-up about how we can make the future on the internet safer: From AI experts creating softwares to shield ourselves from harmful facial recognition technologies; to sci-fi authors creating futuristic stories about using technology to increase equality. Let us know what you think and join our debates surrounding ethical issues around AI.

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