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When the Robots Steal our Jobs

Harriet Moore

Have you been thinking about the possibility of robots taking over and stealing our jobs? Science fiction author HR Moore might have the answer…

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Following from her Are You a Robot? interview, Harriet gives us an insight to what our possible near-future looks like with the help of AI technology. There is no question raised as to whether robots will take our jobs, because it is unavoidable; however, there is much uncertainty as to what this means for AI regulations, ethics and the economy.

“It is inevitable that technology is going to take vast swathes of jobs that exist today.”

What types of jobs will be affected by the developments in AI and machine learning? Harriet imagines it to be every sector, from truck drivers to solicitors, meaning a shift in job markets. Robots could even take over our arts and culture, depending on the way they are constructed. Could robots steal Harriet’s job as an author? To that, she is unsure, although there might be a possibility to the way they are coded, whether they are modified to reflect artificial general intelligent or made to think like a human. AI scientists could even modify the technicalities so that machines can amplify creativity, rather than seize. There is a question of what jobs we can allow robots to do and it is necessary to use ethics to analyse where we can draw the line, for example childcare. Would you want a robot to look after your children? Can we allow robots to support vulnerable children?

The main impact that the technological shift in the job market is that many might find themselves unemployed or working in new jobs that we can’t even imagine in the present day. Harriet has some ideas as to how we can avoid or overcome this through a Universal Basic Income system, or we could do nothing. However, it is important we act now.

“Change is coming, whether we like it or not.”

One thing Harriet stresses what we should be thinking about is what the robots should be allowed to do and what they can’t do. Harriet has a solution for this in that third-party organisations regulate what AI is being used for. She highlights that AI regulation is necessary, although there is a fear of where AI regulation will harness innovation. However, we can do something about it now and therefore think about it before we face these issues once it is too late.

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