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Season One Review and Recap

Charles Radclyffe

Season One Finale! In this episode, Charles Radclyffe, founder of EthicsGrade and sponsors of Are You A Robot?, discusses his highlights of Season One and what to expect in Season Two.

In the latest Are You A Robot? episode, Charles and Demetrios both express their excitement from eye-opening conversations surrounding AI and technological advancements. There has been a neat thread running through Season One, with common themes throughout all episodes. For example, in Sébastien and Dr Rob’s episodes, we discussed the issues of facial recognition and modifying behaviour in spaces that use surveillance technologies.

We have also had Emily Wenger, who has created Fawkes, a system to fight back against illegitimate uses of AI technologies. Fawkes is a system that alters images in such a way to confuse facial recognition engines yet be unchanged to the human eye in order to protect photos on social media sites. As Charles and Demetrios highlight in Season One Review and Recap, Emily is confident that Fawkes will protect data and privacy.

AI regulation has also been a key theme throughout Season One. With Harriet Moore we discussed whether tough regulation would halt AI regulation or if it will slow it down. Rob Wortham is of also strong view that regulation standards is necessary in the software industry. Stemming from Dr Rob’s discussion, Charles makes an interesting point that whilst technology is safe to use from a physical perspective, there are issues arising from an ethical and mental health view.

Charles also emphasises the importance of diversity and inclusion in AI ethics. This was a key topic in Louis Byrd’s conversation as he explains that many AI conversational technologies struggle to understand him. Therefore, language and accent play a key role in how well AI technologies work, and inclusive data is needed to train these models to understand a wider population.

As well as language comprehension in AI technologies, we have also discussed how technology is changing language in law. Megan stresses that we have a choice of precision when making legal contracts. Charles is a lawyer by training, therefore enjoyed Megan's enthusiasm in her AYAR? episode. On one hand, formal language (such as data) in legal contracts allows for concise understanding. On the other hand, unclear natural language extends the gap between lawyers and those from a non-legal background.

Excited for Season Two? We have many interesting guests lined up! The new season opens with Merve Hickock, who discusses data use and governance. You can also look forward to hearing Paul MacDonnell, who believes that there are many issues to strong regulation.

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