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Big Tech and Misinformation

Noah Gift

In this episode with Noah Gift, we will be looking at unethical issues across the Big Tech industry. Companies such as Google, Twitter and Facebook are employing some of the most intelligent people in the industry — why aren’t their products thought out? Why aren’t employees able to predict the unsurprising ethical issues from faulty algorithms?

Noah is a Data Science Academic and Machine Learning Enthusiast. You can follow him on LinkedIn.

The media industry has grown over the decades, especially with the evolution of social media. Noah notes many parallels between the information that TV and social media release. He argues that there are three types of information: educational, neutral and toxic. Toxic entertainment, for example, reality TV shows, are full of disinformation and allow viewers to believe it. Social media is another form of poisonous entertainment that will enable users to believe fake news.

“Some of the most brilliant people on earth are creating stupidity machines that are propagating stupidity and misinformation at scale.”

Social media is now a massive part of our lives, and it would be hard leaving all forms of social media altogether. However, Noah argues that there needs to be some form of government action — rather than censoring information on social media sites, organisations need to be held accountable for their sites. For example, Google might argue that there is no way to control comments underneath YouTube videos, but is the comment section vital? Noah argues that Google could turn the comment section off to slow misinformation, but promoting harmful content is a profitable part of their business model.

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