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Looking After Your Digital Wellbeing

Adam Yasmin

__In our interview with Adam Yasmin, we discuss how humans can feel less like a robot in terms of our relationship with technology, social media, and work-life.

Adam is a Digital Habits Coach. You can follow him on LinkedIn or Instagram__.

As technology evolves and our collection of gadgets grow, it is hard to deter from our machines. In fact, to some extent, our daily lives cannot function without them. We need them for Zoom meetings and education. In our interview, Adam highlighted some ways to take care of our digital wellbeing and use our gadgets more mindfully.

Ironically, some functions and apps on our devices argue to make us aware of how we’re using our phones. Weekly, we get a whole bunch of data on how many hours in total we’ve used our phone during the previous week in comparison to the one before. We get stats on how much we’ve picked up our phone and what app we’ve used the most. Adam argues that it is less about metrics and more about intentions. We should train our minds to not needing our phones and fill in that time with other activities, such as reading.

Some also argue for taking a break, or digital detox, from technology. Even though this is a suitable method, Adam suggests ways in which we can implement breaks from technology daily:

  1. Putting your phone on aeroplane mode whilst you’re eating
  2. Having a 30 min period during the day to not use tech
  3. Strictly keeping devices away from the bedroom, or at least the bed

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