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Season Seven Recap and Review

Charles Radclyffe

Season Seven Finale! Charles Radclyffe, partner at EthicsGrade joins us to discuss his highlights of Season Seven. What have been your highlights?

Recently in our Slack channel, Charles shared some of his views on our recent episode, “Killer Robots” with Wanda Muñoz and Richard Moyes. Charles argued that the EU took military applications out of the regulations because the European Commission has limits on its jurisdiction, and has no competence on military issues — banning the use of AI in the military requires each Member State to take action.

Globally, there isn’t consensus around other non-AI-related military weapons. For example, Charles explained that the US hadn’t signed a treaty against land mines. Although there could be some good use cases for AI in the military, other use cases, for example, if an algorithm can decide who to kill, needs to be discusses.

In our interview, Charles argued that before any type of AI is implemented, a red team style meeting is needed. This is where a group of people discuss vulnerabilities these systems, calling out potential issues and risks. Even though it is impossible to predict all of the issues with an algorithm, effort is needed in order to mitigate them.

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