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Constitutional Democracy and AI

Paul Nemitz

In this episode of Are You A Robot? Paul Nemitz joins us to discuss the relationship between law, democracy and technology.

The advancement of AI is inevitable in modern societies. We have already seen how far machine learning technologies have developed - they are all around us, even if we don't notice it. In his paper, Paul has written about some ways to assess the impact of AI.

Firstly, in politics and legislation. Paul argues that there needs to be political discussions and legislations about the impact of AI on people and society. Paul warns that policymakers can't just listen to companies who are influenced by their own interests — these discussions need to hear a diverse range of voices, including the technical knowledge and understanding of engineers.

Companies also have responsibility for the impact of their AI products. When creating AI, they need to think about the potential risk to their reputation if things go wrong. In his interview, Paul argued that it is only through the law that we can oblige companies to think about the intended and unintended consequences of their products on customers.

Finally, Paul makes a strong point on how individuals need to understand the impact of AI on themselves. As stated in the EU regulations, individuals need to be aware if they're interacting with a human or robot. For example, whether a customer is communicating with a chatbot or a human on company help pages. In these situations, an individual must understand what impact this interaction has on our interest, rights and decision making.

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