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'Machine Ethics' meets 'Are You A Robot?'

Ben Byford

In this episode of “Are You A Robot?”, Ben Byford joins us to discuss his insights from “Machine Ethics”, and how much the AI ethics space has changed over the past five years.

Ben launched his podcast series five years ago – whilst this might not be a huge amount of time, it is only recently that ‘AI ethics’ itself has become a more popular topic. In our interview, Ben explains that there weren’t any “AI ethicists” as such, rather, AI engineers thinking about ethics in their development. AI ethics still clearly needs a huge amount of awareness and development, and Ben has observed this initially.

The excitement of new AI technologies has also changed from starting "Machine Ethics" podcast. A lot of the technology people were excited about back in 2016 has changed. Whilst self-driving cars has always been an exciting (and controversial) topic in this space; Ben shared some gadgets that had high expectations five years ago – from Quad Copters to Segways.

“Sociologists who understand people’s data are gold dust.”

The development in these innovations and philosophical ideas has led to creating new jobs and roles, for example, ‘Digital Ethicist’. However, Ben wants to see more sociologists in this space. He argues that sociologists can analyse people’s data to understand their behaviour. Having this type of science in the field can allow engineers to put the ‘human’ in their creations.

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