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Season Six Recap and Review

Charles Radclyffe

__Season Six Finale! Charles Radclyffe, partner at EthicsGrade joins us to discuss his highlights of Season Six. What have been your highlights? Let us know in our Slack channel! __

The biggest news from this season is the NHS plans to share all medical history of patients in England. This includes significant medical events, from physical, mental and sexual. Initially, patients were only given a notice of 6 weeks to opt out. However, the urgency has passed as NHS has delayed the plan to share GP patient data in England to 1st September 2021. The deadline now to opt out is 23rd August 2021.

Under the EU regulations on AI, individuals or companies can give consent for so-called "data altruism", in order to share the data, they generate for the common good, voluntarily and free of charge. Charles argues, however, people should have the choice to opt out whenever they want to.

“This idea of data altruism is that I can essentially be selfless with my data, but I always have the control of consent I can always revoke the consent at any point.”

It is unclear as to who will have access this health data. It’s most likely that it’ll be used for research, however, Charles argues that big tech companies will also be wanting access to it too. He also argues that we are giving to much access to big tech companies — Academics and start-ups should also have the same access to data, in order to create a fair playing field for competition.

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