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Breaking Down Barriers in Tech

Caroline Williams

In this episode of ‘Are You A Robot?’, Caroline Williams joins us to discuss digital and financial inclusion and how she and the team at The Do Good Only Company aim to reduce bias in the tech workforce.

“My whole goal is busting every single system that has anything to do with data and AI that is unequal.”

As a coach for The Do Good Only Company’s SkillsUp Lab, Caroline’s primary roles are to teach practical data science and analytics skills in open and inclusive communities, contributing to data justice. In our interview, Caroline explained that one of the motivations behind doing so is to give trainees a foundation for their first step in a tech career.

An excuse for not hiring a diverse team might be due to the lack of skills and qualifications. Caroline argues, however, that this is a poor excuse and that it is unlikely that all coders or data scientists in the organisation are having complete skills tests to assess this.

Caroline explains exclusive teams might be a source of comfort — for example, a white man might not feel comfortable talking to someone who doesn’t look like him due to his experiences and background. Caroline reassures that this is something that is learnt and worked on. Finally, Caroline argues that candidates will never be fully skilled in a new role when starting a new job. This is something developed during their work experience, increasing the invalidity of the argument.

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