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S10E11: The Untold Story of a Veteran and a Googler at Project Maven

Amina Al Sherif

Amina is the Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Product Officer at Anno.ai, an organisation that employs cutting edge technology to automate processes and streamline mission operations.

Prior to Anno, Amina worked as a Customer Engineer on the Google Cloud Platform bringing the innovation and power of Google’s capabilities to the Department of Defence and Intelligence Community. She works with the government to help improve mission effectiveness through adoption of commercial cloud services with a focus on big data and machine learning, gaming and simulation, and data privacy and security in cloud computing and analytics. She also is the President of the Data Ethics Consortium for Security, a continuation of her work in an ethics after her experience with Google’s Project Maven.

Amina’s time at Google coincided with Project Maven, the Department of Defence artificial intelligence initiative that hit the headlines when Google staff protested at being asked to build software that would improve drone targeting.

In this interview, Amina shares her experience of working on Project Maven during her time at Google. She also shares how this experience formed her current views on AI and warfare. There are many people who argue that war is increasing, especially due to technology. However, Amina argues that it is only just evolving.

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