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S10E02: The Bumpy Road to Responsible AI

Alka Roy

Alka Roy joins us to talk about the Responsible Innovation Project, an initiative to start the dialogue with technology leaders from various industries about what it means to develop technologies in a responsible manner.

Alka is the founder of RI Labs & The Responsible Innovation Project working on building delight, trust, and inclusion into technology and AI, and a guest lecturer on Responsible Innovation & AI at UC Berkeley. Alka is a product and technology leader with 100+ successful product launches, has been part of several industry firsts for AT&T and Cingular Wireless, and holds patents for policy and security frameworks. She was instrumental in setting up the Bay Area 5G co-create lab for AT&T to spur innovation and lead the Responsible AI initiative for AT&T Innovation Centre. She started RI Labs preoccupied with the questions: How are we designing our future? And how will that design create us?

In our interview, Alka shared some of her motivations behind starting Responsible Innovation Project. She argued that talking about AI “ethics” creates inaccessibility due to the denseness of ethical and philosophical language. Alka, therefore, created a visualisation representing Responsible AI.

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