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S10E07: Is Seeing Believing?

Lisa and Anne

Lisa is a Digital Sociologist working at the Ministry of Justice. She is also an Associate Lecturer at Goldsmiths University. Lisa is interested in the intersection between technology and social life, specifically looking at individual user experience with technology and societal changes since introducing technology in specific societies. Her primary motivations are to create technology responsibly. Anne is an art and innovation consultant. She is passionate about concept design, visual storytelling, and creative collaborations, especially as experienced through emerging technology.

Both Anne and Lisa teamed up in a collaborative project, β€œIs Seeing Believing?”. The project explores how people feel about AI, depending on how the media represents the technology. In our interview with Lisa and Anne, we dive into the findings of this project and discuss how we can create images that better represent the power of AI.

One of the main concerns about the visual imagery of AI is that it is always associated with robots. Lisa and Anne both acknowledge that robotics and AI are connected. Still, humans interact with AI far more than this – for example, in our phones, social media pages and even with Alexa! Visuals are essential for telling a story, and AI must be represented correctly.

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