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How AI Changed the Music Industry

Sidney Madison Prescott

Have you been thinking how the music industry use AI? What about how Spotify creates suggested music playlists? Sidney Madison Prescott joins us to answer your questions and how Spotify employees use technology.

Sidney Madison Prescott is the Global Head of Intelligent Automation at Spotify.

Whilst some might be closed to implementing AI technology in our day-to-day work lives, Sidney is all for it. She believes that the way we should think about how robots can improve the efficacy of the employees, rather than replacing. AI would allow removing repetitive tasks, allowing employers to be more strategic in their tasks. There are many other advantages in implementing technology in this way, for example, robots can work 24/7 and data quality is improved. She strongly believes that technology will help up-skill those from a non-technical background. Rather than stealing jobs, technology will allow humans to be more strategic in their work tasks.

“Less of a division between technology and business.”

Sidney sees this as the “4th wave” of the technological revolution. She makes a great point about how technology has always augmented human capabilities; from flying on aeroplanes to having international meetings over Zoom, technology should help lift the challenges us humans face. Furthermore, implementing AI in non-technical will up-skill those from a a more business background.

At Spotify, there are many conversations happening around unintended consequences technology might have. These conversations happen before and during the process. One issue that might arise from this, however, is who defines the “unintended consequence” or “flaw”. There might not be an inclusive team looking at these issues, therefore enforcing their biases into the technology. Spotify also make sure to follow an agile process, making sure that all employees are on the same footing about technological issues. They also carry out internal audits, making sure sample outputs match the intentions.

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