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Hunting in the Dark Web

Hannah and Priscilla Curtis

Have you been thinking about what the dark web looks like? What about how to catch a cyber-criminal? Sisters, Hannah and Priscilla Curtis join us to discuss the dangers of cryptocurrency and dark web, as well as how it can be used safely and ethically.

Hannah Curtis is lead Product Manager at Chainalysis and catcher of cyber-criminals on the Blockchain. Priscilla Eugene Curtis is an actor/dancer and is certified through the Society of American Fight Directors. Recently, Priscilla has added data research to her "bag of tricks".

Hannah and Priscilla are both aware of the misconceptions of the dark web. It might seem like a dangerous platform, and can be if it is used inappropriately. Hannah explains that there are good uses to the software, also. On one hand, someone might want to use the dark web to be protected against adverts, and so that they are able to browse the internet without being tracked. For others, the dark web is a source in which they can protest against dictatorships and strict regimes in safe manner. Therefore, there might be a good reason to remain anonymous on the web.

Hannah also takes us through Tor, a dark web browser. They explain that it is just like any other internet browsing platform, but without the tracking. There are misapprehensions about the dark web, a common one being that you could access a ‘murder for hire’ site. Hannah explains that websites like these are usually scams. Therefore, if you don’t have enough knowledge about the dark web, it is most likely to be very dangerous.

Priscilla has been carrying out a lot of research surrounding cryptocurrency and shares some of these stories with us. She has come across many cases where people just ‘disappear’ and shares her theories about what actually happened. In this episode, Priscilla takes us through her theories of what happened to Quadriga’s CEO.

“I don’t think we’re that far away from the next cop show gimmick about someone that investigates cryptocurrencies.” — Priscilla Curtis

Could Hannah and Priscilla be our next crime-fighting duo? What other steps need to be taken to fight against illegitimate uses of these platforms? Join our Slack community and let us know!

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