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Children are our Future

Hannah Ballard

Have you been thinking about how to teach your children about AI and related technologies? What about how to implement this into a school curriculum? Hannah Ballard has the answer! In this episode of ‘Are You A Robot?’, Hannah joins us to discuss how to communicate the technological narrative of machines to people who use it, including children.

By using her creativity, Hannah translates AI ideas through storytelling. She strongly believes that everyone should be able to understand how AI and related technologies work, especially children, under-served and under-resourced communities. She is currently working for Kids Code Jeunesse (KCJ), a bilingual Canadian charity that educates children and teachers about AI, coding, digital citizenship and the UN's Global Goals.

One of the learning objective’s in KCJ’s curriculum is that children understand that technology isn’t magic. She explains that children tend to think that their teachers and/or parents are the ones who control the AI to do ‘magical’ things. By using children’s voices and other methods, such as storytelling, she wants help children understand exactly how AI works and, more importantly, how their actions can play a big part in shaping the world.

“AI should inherently be understandable by design.”

Hannah explains that if a piece of complex information is understandable to children, it is understandable for everyone, including grown-ups! Hannah and the team at KJC took Mozilla’s Trustworthy AI White paper and created a “Lite paper”, suitable for those from a non-technical background.

Hannah is doing some incredible work at KJC to get more people involved in conversations surrounding AI and its ethics. What are other ways in which we could do this? Join our Slack community and let us know!

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