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How Privy are the Public?

Anne-Gaelle Chasles

In this episode of Are You A Robot? Anne-Gaelle Chasles joins us to discuss the behind the scenes of IBM’s AI work.

A key point Anne-Gaelle makes in her interview is that she wants to keep humans at the centre of technology. Rather than technology replacing humans in terms of jobs, for example, she thinks that it is important that AI augments people, rather than replacing.

She is aware that that AI innovation is moving much faster than regulation, which can cause a number of issues. A strict balance between the two, therefore, is necessary. One of her main motivations in her role is that AI is governed fairly, so that those from underrepresented backgrounds aren’t exploited.

“AI should augment people, not replace them”

To an extent, IBM has been successful in being inclusive, by being one of the firsts to employ people of colour, women, LGBT people and people with disabilities. We have seen many examples in this series about how AI and related technologies can marginalised minority groups. However, in this episode, Anne-Gaelle shares an example as to how AI can empower. She examples that facial recognition can be used to support blind people, by recognising people and obstacles.

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