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How AI can Aid your Mental Health

Dan Willis

Have you been thinking how your company can support its employees to look after their mental health? Dan Willis has the answer! In this episode, we will discuss how Dan and the team at Well Good use AI to educate organisations and employees on how to look after and improve their mental health.

“Covid has been a wakeup call for a lot of these organisations.”

Dan’s motivations behind Well Good are quite simple – his own experience with his mental health. In order to raise awareness around these issues, he believes that the business world is the best place to start. Many companies might have had open-door policies in having conversations about mental health. However, in this current climate, we are becoming increasingly more isolated. Face-to-face meetings have been converted over Zoom. How can we ensure employees are okay?

Well Good uses AI to flag users to the dangers of their own poor mental health before it becomes an issue. It’s possible that there could be ethical issues related to this type of data-collecting tool. However, Dan is aware of these issues. Rather than looking at individuals, Well Good looks at trends of the business, for example, sickness trends. Dan also reassures that this type of AI is not a diagnostic tool, which can be triggering.

Although Dan works with company and enterprises, he does believe, to an extent, that there is individual responsibility on mental health. However, it is the employer’s responsibility to support them. Poor mental health also equates to poor performance at the workplace. If we look at these factors from solely a monetary point of view, investing in mental health support will be better in the long run.

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