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Season Three Recap and Review

Charles Radclyffe

In this episode of Are You A Robot?, Charles Radclyffe joins us to discuss his highlights of Season Three.

In this season we had a wide range of conversations, from children and AI, to cryptocurrency. We had also conversations about whether robots will steal our jobs, mental health and the importance of diversity in the AI space.

Whilst we were having these conversations on the podcast, we saw in politics the outcomes of unregulated social media. The attempted coup in the United States last month was consequence of fake news and social media. Twitter and Facebook then decided to ban Donald Trump from these platforms. Charles and Demetrios believe that this was a ‘band aid’ solution and doesn’t target the issue.

“I would have never imagined having a conversation on the other side of a failed revolution in the USA, caused by fake news and social media”

In this episode, Charles argues what is needed is more rigorous governance structures in Big Tech companies. It is clear that terms and condition policies aren’t enough; companies need to think about how they can override them and in what circumstances. Structures need to be constantly updated and debated. This is a factor that the Research Analyst team at EthicsGrade are looking at when considering whether a company is ethical by design.

What else is needed to make the internet a safer, and transparent place? Shea Brown is carrying out audits on AI systems to ensure that there is no bias. Tom Denney discussed the upcoming EU regulation acts, which is definitely going to bring a shift in the European tech space. We’ve seen how much of an influence GDPR has had outside of Europe, will the DSA and DMA do the same? Join our Slack community and let us know what you think!

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