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Hitchhiking on the Information Superhighway

Robbie Stamp

In this episode of ‘Are You A Robot?’, Robbie Stamp joins us to discuss what technological future we want to design for ourselves.

Following from his Are You A Robot? interview, Robbie raises questions as to how we are represented in the digital world via the data that has been collected about us. Because our data is collected in different forms, it eventually becomes fragmented. It is unclear as to where our data is, how it was collected and what it is being used for. Although polls show that people are worried about how their data use, their actions say opposite: mindlessly, we all click the ‘accept’ button when the cookie terms pop up.

We have non-bodily versions of ourselves: the way in which we are represented according to our data might be completely different to how we are in real-life. Robbie argues, therefore, we have 3 selves: our bodies self, dream self and data self. Robbie raises an interesting question as to how these versions of us interact. Furthermore, we are unclear as to how much data we actually own. Those that can manipulate this data are the ones who own the power – it is very much likely that it is not us.

“How are we instantiated in data space? How are we held, seen or known?”

There are multiple dangers of being known in the data space, especially when one is unable to fit into specific algorithms. In an earlier, Are You A Robot? episode, Sébastien Krier spoke about his interest in emotion detecting AI technology. Human nature permits us to react in very different and individualistic ways in different situations. Robbie uses this as an example of how one could be seen differently in an algorithm, leading to bias.

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