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Developing My Own Code Using Rock Lyrics

Dylan Beattie

Have you ever thought about how we could implement music in coding languages? Dylan Beattie has the answer! In this episode of ‘Are You A Robot?’, Dylan joins us to discuss the relationship between music, automation and accountability.

Dylan is the CEO of Ursatile, a tech consultancy that supports organisations and individuals to adapt their material to work online.

He is also a rock musician, who has merged his musical and technical skills to create Rockstar, the programming language that uses verses from songs and musical lyrics to create computer programmes. In his interview, Dylan explained that he has had a lot of interest in this language; whilst at first some may think it’s a joke, or even ask if it’s a piece of art, Dylan explains it can be all of these things.

“People ask me: ‘is it a real language?’, or ‘is it a joke’, or ‘is it a music project?’, or ‘is it art?’. It can be all of these things depending on how you look at it.”

In this episode, Dylan and Demetrios also discuss how music has changed. When the phonograph was invented, people were taken aback; at first it was rejected. The possibilities of artistic technology are endless.

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